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Tips For Izmir that can help you

1. Transportation

You can take a taxi ride from street. There is so much taxis on the streets.

You may need an izmirimkart for metro, tramway ,izban ect.(You can buy it in metro stations or in some kiosks that sells cigs and newspapers)

2. Electronics

In Turkey you can buy tech stuff from Vatan Computer, Mediamarkt or Teknosa and There is a Vatan Computer that is so close to the event place

3. Places to eat

Alsancak Dostlar Fırını makes very good Boyoz. Boyoz is a very delicious pastry that is special for Izmir for breakfast

Pizza Locale makes very good Pizza that you are going to love and they haves awesome souces

Midpoint haves food and alcahol but i think food is delicious

Cin Atı is a place that you can listen jazz music

Celebi Bomba if you are coming to Izmir if you didn't eat celebi bomba you are going to be so sad

Kırçiceği is a place that you can eat lahmacun or pide

Zeynel haves very good gevrek you need to try it

4. Places for shopping

You can go IstinyePark or Agora for shopping there is a Mediamarkt in IstinyePark and there is more stores in IstinyePark

You can find traditional shops and stuffs in kemeraltı and there is my favoruite cafe Sedir. They makes very good Turkish toast and excelant Turkish coffee


You can get Turkish Lira from banks or exchange offices.

Never forget the telephone number 112.You can call police ect. it's like 911.

If you have questions just mail me at